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Shanxi Financial Holding is positioned as a state-owned financial capital investment platform in Shanxi, and strives to become a national financial holding group with perfect license layout, extensive network distribution, advanced management technology, sound risk control system, outstanding profitability and excellent core competitiveness。


With the attitude of dedication and dedication, Shanxi Financial Holding will focus on the key work of "One two three four five six", make itself bigger and stronger as soon as possible, strive to build Shanxi into an important regional or sub-regional financial center in the country again, and contribute to the transformation and development of Shanxi。

"One goal" is to serve the real economy, closely focus on deepening the supply side structural reform and transformation comprehensive reform pilot zone construction, Shanxi Financial Holding Group to become a first-class financial holding group in the country。

The "two systems" are to enlarge and strengthen the internal system of Shanxi Financial Holding and the external system to support, guide and leverage more social capital to serve Shanxi's economic and social development。

The "three capabilities" are to comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness, comprehensive service and sustainable development of Shanxi Financial Holding。

The "four businesses" are to focus on increasing equity investment, accelerating the combination of industry and finance, strengthening industrial cultivation, and optimizing resource allocation。

"Five sectors" is to coordinate the construction of banking, securities, insurance, investment, factor market five business sectors, clenched the fist to force。

The "six areas" is to use the advantages of the platform and license to fully serve the six areas of state-owned enterprise capital reform, development zone construction, strategic emerging industries, cultural tourism, military-civilian integration, characteristic agriculture and poverty alleviation。


Shanxi Financial Holding closely focuses on the national development strategy and the strategic deployment of Shanxi Province,Give full play to the advantages of coordinating and coordinating various financial resources and enhancing corporate value,We will effectively increase financial support for the real economy,We will continue to promote the development of "products, production capacity, industries, industry and finance",Through the comprehensive use of credit, direct financing, "new third board" listing, mergers and acquisitions, guarantee credit, factor transactions and other financial services,We will build a financial service chain that ADAPTS to the development of the real economy,Launch products that reflect the advantages of comprehensive financial services,We will release financial production capacity and invigorate the financial industry,We will fully support and serve the development of key industries and key areas in Shanxi Province,Continue to inject "fresh water from the source" into the real economy,Support, guide and leverage more social capital to serve the economic and social development of Shanxi with market concepts and methods。


Shanxi Financial Holding strives to build a corporate culture of "integrity, innovation, responsibility, professionalism, cooperation and hard work"。