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Shanxi Financial Holding Group held a special lecture to study the newly revised "Disciplinary Regulations of the Communist Party of China"

-- Shanxi Financial Holding Group 2024 Phase III "Financial Holding Lecture Hall"

Release time: 2024-04-30 18:14:04Published by: Propaganda Department of Party Committee


为深入学习贯彻乐动体育总书记关于党纪学习教育的重要讲话和重要指示精神,Further promote Shanxi Financial Holding Group party discipline learning and education to go deep and solid,On the morning of April 29th,Shanxi Financial Holding Group invited Cui Jianzhou, director of the Party Building Teaching and Research Department of the Party School of Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (Shanxi Administration Institute), to study the "Regulations on Disciplinary Measures of the Communist Party of China"。The board of directors and supervisors of the group, members of the leading team of each subsidiary, all party members and cadres of the headquarters attended the meeting。

Director Cui Jianzhou explained the significance, key contents and practical requirements of the revision of the Regulations from three dimensions: historical evolution, comparison before and after, deep learning and detailed understanding,Both profound and simple theoretical analysis,There are vivid and typical case evidence,Also have their own work and learning experience and experience,The focus is prominent, the content is rich, the explanation is precise, and the examples are detailed,The participants will have a comprehensive and profound understanding of the significance of revising the Regulations,Fully grasp the main thrust of the revised Regulations,Further strengthen the awareness of learning discipline, knowing discipline, Ming discipline and keeping discipline,It has strong pertinence and guidance。

Everyone has said that it is necessary to study the "Regulations" as a compulsory course and regularly take courses, continue to deepen understanding and application, promote the brain into the heart, see the effect of action, and form a strong atmosphere of reverence for Party discipline, compliance with Party discipline, and defense of Party discipline in the whole group。It is necessary to closely combine the study of Party discipline and Party regulations with the current key work of the group,Exercise the party spirit in the discipline of learning by heart,Correct words and deeds in accurate knowledge,Self-alert introspection in the register,Work hard in strict discipline,Turn the motivation and vitality stimulated by learning into a powerful measure to promote work,To promote the group's high-quality development to provide a strong disciplinary guarantee。

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Each subsidiary branch meeting was held in the form of live video broadcast, and all party members of 21 subsidiaries participated in the study。