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Continue to innovate financial products to promote "two-way travel" between finance and technology

Shanxi Financial Holding Group was invited to participate in the science and technology financial investment and financing matchmaking meeting

Release time: 2024-05-16 10:57:29Published by: Propaganda Department of Party Committee

为深入贯彻落实乐动体育总书记关于科技创新的重要论述和中央乐动体育工作会议、中央经济工作会议精神,Implement the decision and deployment of the provincial Party Committee and provincial government to build an innovation-driven platform for the Jin Chong Valley,The morning of May 15th,2024 Shanxi Science and Technology Finance Investment and Financing Jinchuang Valley matchmaking meeting was successfully held in the coking coal double innovation base。Shanxi Financial Investment Holding Group, as one of the organizers, Liu Pengfei, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of the group, attended the meeting with its related subsidiaries and delivered a speech。

Pengfei General Manager.jpg

刘鹏飞表示,这次活动是深入践行乐动体育总书记关于发展新质生产力和乐动体育工作重要论述的重要行动,是落实省委省政府建设晋创谷创新驱动平台的具体举措。Shanxi Financial Holding Group attaches great importance to it,Gather the full strength of the financial sector,The implementation of the "1+5" policies and measures will be detailed and decomposed,Innovate and deepen the means of scientific and technological financial services,Customized service models such as "Jinchuang Valley Drive platform + Science and technology finance", "Enterprise innovation main body + science and technology finance" and "advanced manufacturing + science and technology finance" have been established,From policy research, product innovation, training roadshow, investment and financing docking and other points to make efforts,Gradually forming a collaborative trend to serve the Jin Chong Valley。next,Shanxi Financial Holding Group will fully implement the deployment requirements of the provincial "two sessions" on "Better play the function and role of Shanxi Financial Holding Group",Closely serve the financial needs of the majority of science and technology enterprises,Give full play to the five major advantages of "patient capital", digital intelligence empowerment, collaborative service, knowledge transformation, and listing cultivation,Continue to innovate financial products,Continuously improve the quality and efficiency of service Jinchuang Valley enterprises,We will promote the high-quality development of technology-enabled enterprises,Provide strong support for promoting high-quality development of the province。


At the meeting, two investment experts from Shanxi Securities, a subsidiary of Shanxi Financial Holding Group, made professional comments on the enterprise roadshow project。Shanxi financial holding capital managementThe company speaks on behalf of financial institutions and signs investment and financing agreements。Shanxi equity trading Center made a statement as the operating unit of Jinchuang Valley science and technology enterprise cultivation service center。

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Shanxi equity trading center person said,It will take the opening of the Jinchuang Valley Science and technology enterprise cultivation service Center as an opportunity,Closely around the provincial Party committee and provincial government on the development of scientific and technological innovation enterprises strategic deployment,Relying on Shanxi Financial Holding Group full license, full cycle, full chain comprehensive financial service advantages,We will give full play to the nurturing and incubation function of regional equity markets,Well run the nurturing service center,Build the "science and technology innovation board" platform,Make full use of the "three-layer N-board seven-mode" service system,For Jinchuang Valley enterprises to provide training exchanges, consulting, road show, financing, resource integration, board listing and other full life cycle comprehensive cultivation services,To promote the Jinchuang Valley and technology enterprises to improve the quality of service, efficiency。

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Finally, Niu Qingshan, deputy director of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, Wang Ensheng, second-level inspector of the provincial Local Financial Administration Bureau, Chen Bo, deputy mayor of Taiyuan City, and Liu Pengfei, deputy general manager of Shanxi Financial Holding Group, unveiled the Jinchuang Valley Science and Technology Enterprise Cultivation Service Center。

Shanxi Reguarantee Group under Shanxi Financial Holding Group,Shanxi financial leasing companyShanxi Taihang industrial investment fund management公司、Shanxi Jinxin clean guide investment公司、Shanxi Province industrial fund managementCompany, ZhongHesheng Capital Management Company and other companies also participated in the meeting。