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Promote grass-roots Party building from "tangible" to "effective" with the standardization of Party branch construction

Release time: 2023-01-10 16:55:55Published by: Party and Mass Work Department

乐动体育总书记在党的二十大报告中明确指出,“增强党组织政治功能和组织功能,坚持大抓基层的鲜明导向,把基层党组织建设成为有效实现党的乐动体育领导的坚强战斗堡垒,激励党员发挥先锋模范作用,保持党员队伍先进性和纯洁性。The standardization of party branch construction is a powerful starting point for strengthening the construction of party branches in the new era and promoting the high-quality development of party building。Since the Party Committee of Shanxi Financial Holding Group started the standardization construction of the party branch in 2021, it has adhered to strict standards, focused on norms, and should be in effect, carried out the creation of benchmarking party branches in contrast, promoted the comprehensive progress and perfection of grass-roots organizations, and provided a strong guarantee for the realization of high-quality development led by party building。

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Regulations on the Work of the Branches of the Communist Party of China (Trial),Combined with the group's party building work practice,2021年8月,The Party Committee of the Group formulated and issued the Implementation Plan on the Standardization Construction of Grass-roots Party Branches,Put forward the "five five good three promotion two play" creation requirements,The decomposition refines 10 items and 33 operation points,As a basic management tool for the party branch to carry out work and self-check。The creation plan adopts a "three-step" strategy, that is, "one year to lay the foundation, two years to the level, three years to show results", and strives to establish a standardized party branch of the Group in 2024 with a compliance rate of more than 95%, promote the level of grassroots party building work to significantly improve, and significantly enhance the ability to promote enterprise development。

After nearly a year of creation, in June 2022, the Party Committee of the Group launched the standardization of the party branch acceptance work。For the first party branch to declare,The Party committee of the group strictly evaluates and checks,Through self-examination and self-evaluation by the grass-roots branch, independent declaration by the subsidiary, and assessment and acceptance by the Party committee of the group,The Party branch is required to score more than 90 points in the assessment,Party members' satisfaction with the masses is not less than 90%,Whether to integrate the work of the party branch into the work of the center,Whether it played the role of the party branch fighting fortress,Whether to play the vanguard role of party members,And the construction of party conduct and clean government into the assessment,To ensure that the first batch of "benchmarking Party branch" all work is excellent,Really play a leading role in the group。After layers of audit, the Group Party Committee meeting decided to name 21 grass-roots party branches, including the second Party branch of Shanxi Securities Co., Ltd. as the first "benchmarking Party branches" of the Group system.。

As a normal work, the standardization construction of the party branch is an important starting point and key link for the grass-roots party building work to move from "tangible" to "effective"。Next stage,The Party committee of the Group will be guided by the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress,深入贯彻落实乐动体育新时代中国特色社会主义思想,On the basis of promoting the standardization of party branches,Further learning to understand and make real efforts to see results,We will improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise operations,We will give full play to the role of party branches as fighting fortresses and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members,Let the party flag always fly high in the grass-roots line。