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Liang Jinghua, Party secretary and Executive Vice Chairman of Shanxi Federation of Trade Unions, visited Shanxi Financial Holding for research and guidance

Release time: 2023-12-01 18:26:00Published by: Party and Mass Work Department


On November 30, 2023, Liang Jinghua, secretary of the Party Group and executive Vice chairman of the Shanxi Federation of Trade Unions, and Han Lizhen, a first-level inspector of the Shanxi Federation of Trade Unions and director of the Financial Working Committee, visited Shanxi Financial Holding and conducted research and guidance on grassroots trade union work in its subsidiary Shanxi Securities。Shanxi Financial Holding Party Committee full-time deputy secretary, vice chairman, chairman of the trade union, Shanxi securities Party secretary, chairman Hou Wei accompanied the research。


Liang Jinghua and his delegation had a detailed understanding of the basic situation of Shanxi Securities and its trade union, as well as the cultural brand, activity brand, staff bookstore and staff innovation studio created by Shanxi Securities trade Union in recent years, and conducted field research on Wang Zhongning's innovation studio。

Liang Jinghua fully affirmed the work of Shanxi securities trade union, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the next step to upgrade the trade union position。He stresses,We will further deepen trade union reform and innovation,Strengthen resource integration,Innovate the service model for employees,Continuously improve the efficiency and role of service positions,We will strive to build the service position of employees into a strong position that gathers people's hearts,Constantly meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the vast number of workers,We pushed for better results in community-level trade union work。

next,集团工会将继续巩固拓展学习贯彻乐动体育新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育成果,In accordance with the provincial Federation of trade unions, group party committee deployment requirements,Constantly strengthen the construction of trade union organizations at all levels of the group system,To serve the overall situation and serve the workers as the entry point, focus and foothold of trade union work,We will make precise efforts in political guidance, democratic management, service to employees, and self-construction,Unite and mobilize the vast number of employees to carry forward the spirit of model worker, labor and craftsman,Take the initiative, post contributions,Promote the high-quality development of Shanxi Financial Holding with practical actions。