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Shanxi Financial Holding Group team won the second place in Shanxi financial system staff badminton competition

Release time: 2023-10-31 18:09:00Published by: Party and Mass Work Department


Recently, in the "Chinese Dream · Labor beauty - Coagulation heart casting soul with the Party to take a new journey of unity and struggle" of the province's financial system "Industrial Bank Cup" fifth staff badminton competition, Shanxi Financial Holding team in the province's 36 financial units achieved "group second place" good results。

The badminton team competition consists of men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles。The trade union of the group actively organized and participated in the selection of eight players to form the representative team of Shanxi Financial Holding。In the game, the players showed their skills, tacit cooperation, a move and a style to show a strong posture, each swing is full of strength and passion, they all the way through, into the final, and finally won the second place in the group。The players used practical actions to interpret the sportsmanship of "never say die, never climb the peak", and won bursts of applause from the audience。


Shanxi Financial holding Group trade union since its establishment,To enrich the spiritual and cultural life of workers,Advocate positive, optimistic, healthy, upward life style,Actively organize and participate in the Sanjin Friendship Cup table tennis competition and other activities,Organize and carry out voluntary tree planting activities, Shanxi Financial Holding 3V3 basketball match, Sanjin Friendship Cup table tennis match and other rich and colorful cultural and sports activitiesCreate a positive, harmonious and upward good atmosphere。Next step,Group trade union will continue to uphold the "faster, higher, stronger, more united" sports spirit, to provide more opportunities for employees to show themselves, exercise themselves, improve themselves, enhance solidarity and cooperation between employees, inject new vitality into the harmonious development of enterprises。