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Shanxi Securities Co., Ltd. was first established in July 1988, is one of the first securities companies in China, is state-owned holding nature。After more than 20 years of development, it has become an innovative securities company with steady style, stable operation, standardized management and good performance。In September 2010, the company's IPO application was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and it was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on November 15, with stock code 002500 and registered capital 28.2873亿元。

The company's shareholders have strong financial strength, stable management style, excellent asset quality and good profitability, and its composition embodies the combination of a variety of high-quality resources and a number of advantageous enterprises。The company's controlling shareholder is Shanxi Financial Investment Holding Group Co., LTD。

After nearly 30 years of development,The business scope of Shanxi securities basically covers all the securities fields,Distributed in wealth management, asset management, investment management, investment and financing, research, futures, international business and other sectors,Specifically include: securities brokerage;Securities proprietary operation;Securities assets management;Securities investment consulting;Financial advisers related to securities trading and securities investment activities;Securities investment fund marketing;Provide intermediary introduction business for futures companies;Margin financing;Commission to sell financial products。At the same time, the company has the qualification of publicly offering securities investment fund management business, and has been approved to carry out bond pledge quotation repurchase transaction, stock pledge repurchase transaction, agreed repurchase securities transaction, refinancing, equity incentive exercise financing of listed companies, direct investment, counter market and other businesses。

The company holds Zhongde Securities Co., LTD,Underwriting and sponsoring stocks and bonds;Wholly-owned Green Dahua Futures Co., LTD,Engaged in commodity futures brokerage, financial futures and futures investment advisory business;Wholly-owned holding of Shanzheng International Financial Holdings Limited,Engaged in comprehensive and high-quality brokerage and retail securities, futures, investment and financial management, wealth management, investment immigration and other financial products and services;Wholly-owned subsidiary Longhua Qifu Investment Co., LTD,Engaged in investment management, project investment, financial advisory, brokerage information consulting and other direct investment and management business。

The company has 14 branches (under the jurisdiction of 63 securities sales departments), directly under the jurisdiction of 15 sales departments, in March 2017 and 19 business department approval, futures business outlets 27。The above outlets are distributed in cities, major counties and districts in Shanxi, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xi 'an, Ningbo, Dalian, Jinan, Fuzhou and other places,The formation of major domestic cities as the frontier,Key cities as the center,Business development framework covering Shanxi and facing the whole country,To provide nearly 1.2 million customers with comprehensive, high-quality comprehensive financial professional services。

In recent years,The company has won the honor of "Excellent intermediary Agency" issued by Shanxi Provincial government, "Excellent Sponsor Institution of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Board" issued by Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and "Advanced collective of account regulation" issued by China Securities Regulatory Commission,It has been awarded the "Contribution Award for Supporting Shanxi Local Economic Development" by Shanxi Provincial People's Government for many years.。2012年,The company won the "Fifth Annual Meeting of China Institutional Investors and Golden Cicada Award - The Most stable Securities Company Award", "China's most distinctive Securities Broker" and "Best investment Service Brand";The year 2013,The company won the "Excellent Unit of Investor Return", "Excellent Unit of Investor Relationship Management" and "Excellent Unit of Social Responsibility" issued by Shanxi Securities Regulatory Bureau.,In the industry selection won the "industry annual contribution Award", "Best research Strength Award", "2013 China Securities' Golden Direction 'Award - the Best innovative securities Company" and other awards;The year 2014,The company won the award of "Advanced Unit of Quality Service of Financial System in Shanxi Province" issued by Shanxi Federation of Trade Unions,In the industry selection, it won the "Golden Shield Award for Risk Management of Chinese Listed Companies", "2014 China's Most Growth Securities Broker", "China's Best Regional Securities Broker", "China's Best Financing Brokerage";The year 2015,The company was awarded the title of "Excellent Sponsor of the New Third Board in 2015" by Shanxi Finance Office and Shanxi Securities Regulatory Bureau,He was awarded "Best Regional Securities Broker in China" and "Best Investment Advisor Brand in China" in the selection of the Best Wealth Management Institution in China。

In the future, Shanxi Securities will adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, robustness, standardization, innovation and efficiency",The core values of "justice for profit, collaboration and inclusiveness, and the pursuit of excellence",To "professional services to create value" as the mission,Adhere to the service concept of "making investment more clear",Cultivate a pragmatic, efficient and dutiful work style,Create a harmonious, loose, clean and positive company atmosphere,Firmly adhere to the strategic principles of differentiation, specialization, marketization and intensification in the development process of the company,Create a platform for the common development of the company and customers,Strive to build the company into a first-class securities company with characteristics, brands and competitiveness。