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The provincial Department of Finance organized a special assessment meeting of the bank handling the business of the provincial venture guarantee loan fund

Release time: 2024-05-23 15:06:13Published by: Shanxi re-guarantee

On May 21, a special meeting on the assessment of banks handling the 2023 provincial venture guarantee loan fund business was held in Shanxi。The Social Security Department and local finance Department of the provincial Finance Department, the Money and Credit Department of Shanxi Branch of the People's Bank of China, the Employment Promotion Department of the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, and the relevant leaders of Shanxi re-guarantee attended the meeting。

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At the meeting, Qi Jin, director of the Social Security Department of the provincial Department of Finance, introduced the implementation of entrepreneurial guarantee loans in our province to support entrepreneurial work and the relevant requirements of this assessment。Postal Savings Bank, Minsheng Bank, Bank of Communications, Jinshang Bank, Shanxi Bank, Everbright Bank six cooperative bank business leaders on the assessment period of the creation of business issuance, risk prevention and control, business recovery, the next step of the work plan for a detailed report。Shanxi Reguarantee reported the overall operation of the provincial creation fund, the development of bank business in 2023 and the score of the quantitative index of this assessment。This assessment will be used as the basis for the adjustment of the current round of Chuangdan fund。

The holding of the special assessment meeting of the bank handling the business of the venture guarantee loan fund opened a new model of the provincial capital fund business management in our province, and took an important step to ensure and promote the high-quality development of the venture guarantee loan business in our province。