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Provincial finance department local finance department to Shanxi re-guarantee research

Release time: 2024-05-23 15:08:04Published by: Shanxi re-guarantee

On May 22, Zhao Hongwu, director of the local Finance Department of Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance, visited Shanxi reguarantee for research and guidance。


Guo Biao, Party secretary and chairman of the board of directors of the company, expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of Zhao Hongwu。He said that in recent years, thanks to the strong support of the provincial Department of Finance, the company's various work has developed healthily, the scale of business has grown year after year, the system construction has been steadily promoted, and the risk prevention has been stable and controllable。The support given by the provincial Department of Finance in the aspects of premium subsidies and the perfect implementation of risk compensation policies has provided a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of Shanxi re-guarantee。Xie Hongwei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, vice chairman and general manager of the company, reported the operation of the company, and other team members reported the system construction, information technology and development of subsidiaries around the work in charge。

At the survey meeting, Director Zhao Hongwu and his delegation had an in-depth understanding of the company's work in system construction, business development, product research and development, information technology and risk prevention and control, and affirmed the achievements of the company's reform and development。He pointed out that financing guarantee, as a financial countercyclical adjustment tool, should follow the policy direction, focus on serving and accurately promoting enterprises such as "Jinchuang Valley" and "professional characteristic town" in our province, do a good job in financing services for the comprehensive transformation of our province, and contribute to the guarantee force for the "five big articles"。The provincial Department of Finance will continue to optimize policies related to premium subsidies and risk compensation, and support the development of financing guarantee undertakings more accurately and comprehensively。

Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on how to optimize Chuangdan fund management, promote Chuangdan information construction, and better support the development of the real economy in our province。

Li Na, deputy director of the local finance Department of the provincial Department of Finance, and relevant personnel of the department, members of the company's Party committee and heads of some departments participated in the survey。